Asbestos Removal Brisbane
Asbestos Removal Brisbane


Advanced Deconstruction:
Brisbane's Asbestos Removal Professionals

Advanced Deconstruction’s licensed team of experts will safely handle the Inspection, Testing, Removal and Disposal of asbestos materials quietly and efficiently, leaving your location immaculate and asbestos free.

Our focus towards safety, quality, and reliability leaves our clients with a complete piece of mind knowing that their home or location is expert hands.

We serve Commercial, Industrial and Residential Markets right across Brisbane. No job is too hard.


We offer a full range of asbestos removal solutions to help you ensure your home remains a safe environment for you and your family. We also provide these services to commercial and industrial markets and have specific expertise in working with emergency situations and sensitive environments.

  • Asbestos Inspections (including pre-sale or pre-purchase)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Bonded Asbestos Removal
  • Friable Asbestos Removal
  • Sample Analysis
  • Emergency Clean ups
  • Sensitive Environments

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Safety: Removing the Risks With Asbestos

Advanced Deconstruction Brisbane (ADVD) are experts in the safe testing, handling, removal & disposal of asbestos materials.

ADVD has built its reputation on consistently maintaining high safety standards, providing quality workmanship and in delivering projects on time. Our staff are all trained to exceed the highest industry standards so they are able to identify and manage risks effectively.

Our local Brisbane team will leave your location in a safe and an immaculate condition allowing you to move back in knowing you and your family are now safe from asbestos materials.

We take the safety of our staff and clients very seriously throughout all of our demolition & asbestos removal projects.

The Advanced Deconstruction team will take every necessary precaution with your project to turn a high-risk asbestos removal job into a safe procedure that leaves you confident in the safety of your home. Some procedures include:

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Including respirators, disposable overalls and gloves
  • Expert training: All our staff have the new VET qualifications to remove friable asbestos as well as regular training courses, refreshers, and on-the-job skill development
  • High level of safety: Our safety procedures and systems ensure that we are aware of and follow all the rules and regulations that apply to asbestos removal.

Read more about Advanced Deconstruction’s complete asbestos removal process here: How Is Asbestos Removed?


You should never hire an unlicensed asbestos professional under any circumstance. This puts you at risk of poor workmanship and increases the risks to your own safety if the job is not done adequately.

Advanced Deconstruction is fully insured & licensed within all states to carry out demolition and asbestos removal works, and are also licensed for the transportation and disposal. We are a proud member of AIA (Asbestos Industry Association) and constantly work with workplace health & safety to ensure all works are carried out above board.

Expert Advice and Management

If you believe your home may contain asbestos, don't hesitate to organise a time for appropriate inspection and testing. While many cases of asbestos are safe when left alone, when disturbed and airborne asbestos is severely dangerous and will affect the health and lives of you and your family well into the future.

We also provide pre-purchase asbestos inspections to ensure your future investment won't come with a nasty surprise.

An asbestos inspection is a simple, quick and discrete for an expert to complete and will help you confirm if your house contains asbestos as well as the level of threat it would cause you if left alone.

Contact us now for expert advice on asbestos and to book an inspection.

We engaged another asbestos company to complete a very difficult job at our home. On the day of the works, they walked off site because it was too hard.

I called Advanced Deconstruction and they arrived the very next morning, did up a quote and returned to do the job. I am so glad that first company didn't do the work, from the first contact with Advanced Deconstruction, to the very last day of the job, we were blown away by their professionalism, extraordinary hard work, customer service and expertise.

This was not a fun job by any means, but they made light of the hard work and the result is that people are now stopping in front of our home to take photos because it looks amazing.

Do not bother engaging any other company, Justin and his team are the best, our home was even left in a much cleaner state than before they even arrived.

The price quoted was absolutely reasonable and it never changed despite how hard the job was. I cannot recommend this team highly enough, I would simply suggest you don't bother going anywhere else.


Asbestos Removal Brisbane Testimonial

asbestos removal residential

Asbestos in Your Home and Workplace

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that served as an excellent building material during the second half of the 1900s. Being water resistant, heat resistant, a good insulator and also a strong fibre structure made it ideal for a vast number of construction applications across Brisbane until the long-term health effects were discovered.

When the small airborne asbestos fibres are breathed in they can attach themselves to the lungs and can cause breathing difficulties and reduced quality of living (Asbestosis) or more severely develop into a cancerous condition commonly affecting both the lungs and abdomen and becoming fatal.

One key difference in asbestos is between bonded asbestos and friable asbestos. Bonded asbestos is often bound into a more durable material and is, therefore, less likely to become airborne. Friable asbestos is less structurally sound and can typically be crushed or crumbled in your hand, increasing the risk of the asbestos fibres becoming airborne.

Learn more about asbestos by visiting out FAQ page here: Asbestos FAQ’s

Asbestos Testing, Identification and Removal Services in Brisbane

If you suspect your home contains asbestos materials always consult a licensed professional with asbestos removal and disposal certifications to ensure you are not exposed to any hazardous materials.

Asbestos materials can often be identified by an expert with a simple visual assessment. Usually, an Advanced Deconstruction consultant will visit your property and perform an asbestos inspection or complete some testing ahead of any removal. At this stage, samples may also be taken in order to test for asbestos accurately.

Advanced Deconstruction will provide you with either a visual inspection or a written report. These inspections and collections are done discretely as to leave no visible damage to the property.

If the presence of asbestos is confirmed within your home, Advanced Deconstruction will be able to provide a quote to assist with the safe and complete removal and disposal of all hazardous materials.

Advanced Deconstruction are your Brisbane Asbestos Experts

If you need help or advice with asbestos in your home, Advanced Deconstruction are the Brisbane experts you can trust to leave your home clean, safe and asbestos-free.

Contact Advanced Deconstruction today for expert asbestos advice and a free quote on testing and removal.


Licensing & Insurance Information
A Class Asbestos Removal Business Certificate: 2302602
Demolition Business Certificate: 2312222
EPA License: EPSX 0038 2413
Public liability insurance
(asbestos specific):
20 million
Licensing & Insurance Information
A Class Asbestos Removal Business Certificate: 2302602
Demolition Business Certificate: 2312222
EPA License: EPSX 0038 2413
Public liability insurance
(asbestos specific):
20 million