Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Asbestos Removal Brisbane


Advanced Deconstruction | Asbestos Testing & Removal

Advanced Deconstruction is Brisbane’s trusted solution in asbestos removal, demolition and strip out projects for industrial, commercial & residential markets.

Our licensed team of experts will safely Inspect, Test, Remove and Dispose of any dangerous asbestos materials quietly and efficiently leaving your location immaculate and asbestos free.

We offer:

  • Asbestos Inspections (including pre-sale or pre-purchase)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Bonded Asbestos Removal
  • Friable Asbestos Removal
  • Sample Analysis
  • Emergency Clean ups
  • Sensitive Environments

We engaged another asbestos company to complete a very difficult job at our home. On the day of the works, they walked off site because it was too hard.

I called Advanced Deconstruction and they arrived the very next morning, did up a quote and returned to do the job. I am so glad that first company didn't do the work, from the first contact with Advanced Deconstruction, to the very last day of the job, we were blown away by their professionalism, extraordinary hard work, customer service and expertise.

This was not a fun job by any means, but they made light of the hard work and the result is that people are now stopping in front of our home to take photos because it looks amazing.

Do not bother engaging any other company, Justin and his team are the best, our home was even left in a much cleaner state than before they even arrived.

The price quoted was absolutely reasonable and it never changed despite how hard the job was. I cannot recommend this team highly enough, I would simply suggest you don't bother going anywhere else.



Licencing & Insurance Information

Advanced Deconstruction is fully insured & licensed within all states to carry out Demolition and Asbestos Removal works. Advanced Deconstruction is also a proud member of AIA (Asbestos Industry Association) and constantly works with workplace health & safety to ensure all works are carried out above board.


Advanced Deconstruction has been established for over ten years and operates throughout Queensland and interstate. We are experts in the safe handling & removal of asbestos materials with specific expertise in handling sensitive environment and emergency projects.

The Advanced Deconstruction team has built a reputation for safe, thorough and professional project management and workmanship. Our focus towards safety, quality, and reliability leaves our clients with a complete piece of mind knowing that their home or location is expert hands.

Advanced Deconstruction trains its staff to exceed the highest industry standards so they are able to identify and manage risks effectively.

The AD team consists of 25 staff across Queensland with offices in Brisbane and the Wide Bay. We train our new recruits with the supervision and mentoring from our senior staff including a skills gap analysis to ensure our staff have met the AD requirements to carry out any job.


Licensing & Insurance Information
A Class Asbestos Removal Business Certificate: 2302602
Demolition Business Certificate: 2312222
EPA License: EPSX 0038 2413
Public liability insurance
(asbestos specific):
20 million
Licensing & Insurance Information
A Class Asbestos Removal Business Certificate: 2302602
Demolition Business Certificate: 2312222
EPA License: EPSX 0038 2413
Public liability insurance
(asbestos specific):
20 million

Common Questions on Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral containing fibres that are strong, heat resistant, water resistant and have good insulating properties. The individual fibres can be up to 200 times smaller than human hair making them impossible to see with the naked eye in most circumstances. Being small and light they are able to stay airborne for long periods of time and are easily breathed into the lungs causing slow but high risk health risks.

Because of these severe health risks, the cost of asbestos removal are often worth the safety and health benefits, especially if you plan on doing any form of construction, renovation or even just drilling into your walls or ceiling.

Asbestos can’t always be identified visually and often requires professional inspections, testing and analysis of the material for traces of asbestos. Contact us today to arrange an inspection or non-invasive sample test.

Since asbestos was only banned nationally across Australia in 2003, there are many household products and materials that could contain asbestos. Houses and buildings built between 1940 & 1980 have the highest risk of containing asbestos materials. Because of it’s great properties, it was used widely through a number of building and construction materials. Advanced Deconstruction can help inspect your home and assist with the removal of asbestos roofs, ceilings, tiles, fences and any additional materials that may be hazardous if disturbed.

Bonded asbestos refers to materials that have been created with a tight bonding mix and therefore have a higher structural integrity. Friable asbestos materials don’t use a tight bonding mix and have a low structural integrity to the point where it is crush-able in your hand.

Handling both types each come with individual risks and challenges. Always consult an expert like Advanced Deconstruction for asbestos testing, inspection and removal in Brisbane and around Queensland.

Asbestos Testing & Identification

Asbestos materials can often be identified by an expert with a simple visual assessment. Usually an Advanced Deconstruction consultant will visit your property and perform an asbestos inspection ahead of any removal. Advanced Deconstruction with provide you with either a visual inspection or a written report.

At this stage, samples may also be taken in order to test for asbestos accurately. These inspections and collections are done discretely as to leave no visible damage to the property.

How Advanced Deconstruction Removes Asbestos

Asbestos removal during construction or demolition are dangerous activities. Advanced Deconstruction trains it’s staff to exceed the highest industry standards so that are able to identify and manage risks before they become a problem.

We take safety very seriously during the asbestos removal process, including:

  • Personal Protection Equipment (respirators, disposable overalls and gloves)
  • Expert training (all our staff have the new VET qualifications to remove friable asbestos as well as regular training courses, refreshers, and on-the-job skill development)
  • Our safety procedures and systems ensure that we are aware of and follow all the rules and regulations that apply to asbestos removal.

These factors change a very dangerous activity, into a safely managed and risk controlled activity.

Advanced Deconstruction, Your Brisbane Asbestos Removal Experts

Need help with asbestos in your home? 

For a team you can trust to leave your home clean, safe and asbestos-free, contact Advanced Deconstruction for expert advice and a free quote. 

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