Advanced Deconstruction is a specialist Asbestos Management contractor based in Brisbane. We provide comprehensive Class A & B asbestos removal and disposal services.

Our residential teams operate predominantly from the Brisbane Wide Bay to SEQ and we regularly service commercial clients nationally. Holding licenses for asbestos removal in every state, Advanced Deconstruction teams travel as required and have successfully completed projects from Brisbane to Perth, Hobart to Weipa.

The quality of our work is second to none, our client satisfaction focus is driven by safe work practices and a transparent business model. We provide the following;

  • Fully Licensed Class A & B Asbestos Removal and Disposal, including but not limited to;
      • All internal and external building cladding
      • Roofing
      • Lagging and Refractory
      • Spray coatings
      • Water proofing
      • Marble Sheen pool linings
      • Gaskets and seals
      • Electrical boards and insulators
  • Asbestos Contaminated Land Remediation
  • Property Inspection, Risk Assessment and Management Planning
  • Sampling (NATA Certified)
  • Emergency Make Safe Services

Advanced Deconstruction regularly completes projects for private Home Owners, Defence, the Department of Education, Queensland Health Services and many more. All demanding the exact same high standards, and that is exactly what we deliver.

Please contact us for an obligation free quote or some sound advice on your next move forward.

Bonded Asbestos Removal

Bonded asbestos is any material that contains asbestos and has a strong bonding matrix. This matrix is usually cement, which means it is very stable. Bonded Asbestos Removal is the most common type of asbestos removal in Queensland. Most houses only contain bonded asbestos, though there are exceptions.

Bonded asbestos risks are easier to control and manage due to the cement that bonds the asbestos into the sheet.The stability of the product means it is less likely that asbestos fibres will get into the air during removal or maintenance.

Examples of bonded Asbestos in the home

  • Asbestos cement internal sheeting
  • Corrugated ‘Super six’ roof sheeting used as fencing, often buried in the ground at it’s base
  • Hardiplank wall cladding
  • Slotted or smooth soffit/eave sheeting
  • Roof sheeting and capping
  • Guttering
  • Gable end sheeting
  • Toilet vent pipes
  • Water and storm water pipes
  • Drain trap surround cuffs
  • External cladding (flat sheet or plank style)
  • Car ports and shed linings
  • Imitation brick cladding
  • Telecommunications pits
  • Zelimite backing boards in switchboards

Friable Asbestos Removal

Friable asbestos products contain loosely packed asbestos fibres and can be crushed easily in the hand. Examples of friable asbestos products include insulating rope on old oven doors, asbestos insulation and asbestos fibre blankets.

Friable Asbestos Removal is the most dangerous type of asbestos removal. While it is more common in government and commercial buildings friable asbestos can still be found in the home.

Friable asbestos is any material that contains asbestos and is in the form of a power or can be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to powder by hand pressure.

Friable asbestos risk are challenging to control due to how easily the asbestos fibres are released into the air from a friable asbestos product.

This means special equipment must be used to completely control air flow during a friable asbestos removal.

This equipment includes:

  • Negative Pressure Unit 
    Controls airflow and filters the contaminated air.
  • Powered Air Respiratory Protection Full face mask, with a battery pack and two P3 filters to protect the breathing zone of our staff.
  • Wet Decontamination Unit 
    A three or five stage system allows staff to clean their equipment and person so that they safely remove their personal protective equipment when leaving the enclosure.
  • Air-monitoring pumps
    Monitors the air quality in and around the enclosure.

Queensland Law dictates that  friable materials containing asbestos must only be handled and removed by a company holding an ‘A’ Class Asbestos Removal Licence. Advanced Deconstruction holds an A Class Asbestos Removal Licence.

Asbestos is highly dangerous material, and we deal with it all day every day. The only way to do this in any sustainable capacity is to have strict controls, procedures and training in place.

With over 10 years of experience, we are experts at managing asbestos related risks in the home and the workplace. Through our training and safety systems we are about to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients. Our reputation is built on the quality of our workmanship, we stand apart from other demolition and asbestos removal firms due to our professionalism and our commitment safety and quality in all aspects of our work. 

It’s no accident we’ve been doing this 10 years. Consistency and quality age well. We pride ourselves on getting the job done properly, the first time, and without surprises. From our newest labourer up to the management team we’re professional, polite, punctual and our no-“she’ll be right” hiring policy stops means our staff are focused going home safe, which means leaving your site safe as well.

Asbestos Clean Up | Abatement | Remediation

Asbestos Clean Up (also referred to as remediation or abatement) is usually necessary when asbestos has been accidentally or inadvertently discovered, disturbed or removed. This can be necessary after severe weather events, fires, demolition, renovation, or as a result of earthworks. Advanced Deconstruction specialises in this type of work and has responded to a number of major and very sensitive disaster and emergency projects.

Often these are emergency situations where a quick response is necessary. It is important to remember that once asbestos has been damaged the main priority is to minimise the risk of exposure to people. The best way to do this is remove people from the area completely. If you have appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) you can then consider further measures including sealing the contaminated area off so that it is air tight (if possible), or reduce the risks of airborne dust with water and cover the damaged asbestos.

Never touch or disturb damaged asbestos without appropriate PPE and training. Even wet asbestos can pose a health threat if it has been damaged. Certain types of asbestos are water repellent, so a sheet that is wet on the outside will often still be dry internally and further damage can release fibres in the air. If you do not have the correct PPE the safest option is to remove yourself from the damaged asbestos.

Domestic Asbestos Inspections

Pre-sale and pre-purchase asbestos inspections are becoming more common as people become aware that many houses built in Queensland prior to 1990 contain asbestos.

Inspections of this nature are non-destructive and can be done without damaging the home. Samples collected during such inspections are done discreetly so there is no visible damage to the walls or ceilings. All of our consultants are licensed Asbestos Assessors.

There are two types of inspections that people commonly request:

Visual inspection

The main point of this inspection is to identify asbestos materials present in the home. It involves one of our qualified consultants walking through the home and identifying any potential asbestos materials that can be seen. Samples can be taken to confirm the presence of asbestos or to determine if a product is friable.

We are also able to provide a budget estimate for the removal of identified materials which can be used as part of price negotiation.

Written report

A written report is a service provided in addition to a visual inspection. This report will list all of the identified asbestos materials, as well as provide risk assessments of its condition and provide recommended actions that can be taken to reduce risk if necessary.

Written reports are usually requested where there are known risks that need to be managed, or where the person requesting the inspection is not able to be present at the time of the inspection.

Asbestos Sample Analysis / Asbestos Testing

Advanced Deconstruction offers same day asbestos sample analysis by an independent NATA approved laboratory.

Samples can be sent directly to Advanced Deconstruction or we can come to your site or home to take the sample for you.

Suspicious fibre cement or fibro materials should always be treated as though they contain asbestos until they have been analysed by a NATA approved laboratory.

Unlike lead, asbestos is chemically inert. This means there are no on-the-spot or do-it-yourself test kits. The sample must be analysed under a microscope at the laboratory.


Our standard turn around for written results is 2 – 3 days from receiving the sample.

  • Sample analysis, standard turn around, including NATA report: $55 per sample
  • Urgent analysis, 24 hour turn around including NATA report: $110 per sample
    • Monday to Friday only
    • Weekends or public holidays will be quoted on a case by case basis
  • Call out fee (Monday – Friday): $66
    • Areas outside of Brisbane may incur additional charges
    • Weekends or public holidays will be quoted on a case by case basis

If you would like to send samples to us for analysis please use our Asbestos Sample Testing Form

Alternatively, if you’d like to organise a site visit please call us on 1300 988 488.

Asbestos Sampling Procedures

Samples only need to be the size of a 10 or 20 cent piece, and should be sealed in a clear zip lock bag.

The Code of Practice for How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace has guidelines for safe sampling procedures in Appendix A (page 43).

Advanced Deconstruction takes no responsibility for sampling procedures done by others.

Commercial Strip-Out

The expertise and skill set involved in removing and managing asbestos safely transfers perfectly into working with noise and dust sensitive environments such as office buildings and shopping centres.

Works are carried out quietly and efficiently, with with work areas presented immaculately upon completion.

Commonly, strip out work needs to be done outside of hours and within very specific time frames. Advanced Deconstruction is more than capable of meeting these requirements, often able to respond at short notice even where the site may be regional.

Commercial Asbestos Registers & Management Plans

All commercial buildings (including the body corporate controlled areas of residential units or estates) built prior to 1990 require an asbestos register by law. Where asbestos has been identified at the site an Asbestos Management Plan is also required.

Advanced Deconstruction provides commercial asbestos registers that are easy to understand, legally compliant and affordable. Our Asbestos Management Plans are simple to implement and we can manage your asbestos safety and monitoring compliance from start to finish.

Advanced Deconstruction is also a licensed asbestos removal contractor. This means we are able to assist your business in managing any asbestos risks identified during our inspections promptly and efficiently. Minor issues identified during our inspections can be corrected on the spot rather than being put off for another contractor to deal with.

Advanced Deconstruction has the capacity to respond to urgent requests when asbestos registers are required as part of a sale or lease agreement. If required an inspection can be undertaken and documentation produced within 24-48 hours.

Regional Work

Advanced Deconstruction regularly travels to Northern and Regional Queensland to assist with flood and cyclone recovery work to support local trades.

Our services are available throughout Australia and as we are licensed to operate in multiple states.

We have developed a network of related service providers and contractors throughout regional Australia so that we can meet the needs of organisations that operate in remote locations without compromising our quality or safety standards.

Your regional project will be managed directly on site by our Project Managers with the full support of our Brisbane office. This ensures that you can expect the same high quality and high value service wherever you’re located.