Viral Disinfection Services


Viral Disinfection services – Cleaning & Fogging

Advanced Deconstruction has developed a cost-effective and eco-friendly Viral Disinfection Service combining over 15 years’ experience in environmental cleaning for the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, PCB’s, cadmium and microbials like mold. Our team of experts utilizes state of the art equipment and techniques for the successful remediation of residential and commercial properties.

Our Viral Disinfection System is designed to kill 99.9% of airborne and surface viral entities such as influenza, norovirus, coronavirus.

Our system is safe for humans and pets alike, with re-habitation of the area possible after as little as 2 hours.

We have several disinfection options available, from full detailed cleaning (almost identical to a friable asbestos decontamination with the addition of specialised nontoxic biodegradable disinfectant added in the wipe down process) to disinfectant fogging; a process by which a fine dry or wet fog, pending location and contents, is pumped throughout. The product has a 99.9% efficiency rating for killing all viral organisms as well as fungal spores. The product is also rated as food-grade and is safe to use in kitchens and around pets.

We have designed our regime by incorporating the Australian Government Department of Health’s Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19 and the World Health Organisation’s Publication Core Components on the Principles of Infection Control into our consistently practised environmental cleaning measures for decontamination of hazardous materials and common microbial infestations. Over the last 15 years, we have performed detailed cleaning works with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Residential Viral Disinfection Services

We are a highly experienced environmental cleaner specialising in the removal of hazardous materials and organisms from the home.

Commercial Viral Disinfection Services

Advanced Deconstruction is committed to providing a safe and reliable service adhering strictly to health and safety regulation and WHO guidelines for successful disinfection practices.

We are currently providing all viral disinfection services right across South-East QLD including: Redland Bay, Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.