Land Remediation, Soil Testing and Validation

Our technical remediation experts have extensive experience spanning across a wide range of industries, bringing diverse methodologies and principles in communicating environmental risk and uncertainties and ultimately, optimizing conventional toxicology systems. 

Advanced Deconstruction offers services in design and implementation of contaminated land remediation processes.


Bulk Earth Remediation and Disposal

Development of Remediation Action Plans

Environmental and Human Risk Assessment

Quantitative and Qualitative Site Assessment

We create synergy with developers, municipal council and business in providing balanced, cost efficient, innovative systems that ensure environmental safety. Our team of environmental engineers, project managers and scientists provide advice that essentially seeks to;

  • Avoid and potentially eliminate traditional environmental liabilities
  • Identify legal non-compliance areas
  • Establish areas of non-conformity with attainable suggestions for future improved sustainability

Please contact us to plan your next steps for land assessment and remediation.