Demolition Process

Advanced Deconstruction is a fully licensed Brisbane demolition contractor with a high level of experience in a broad range of demolition methodologies. We provide demolition services to both the residential and commercial markets. Our residential teams operate predominantly from the Brisbane Wide Bay to SEQ and we regularly service commercial clients Nationally. Holding licenses for demolition in every state, Advanced Deconstruction teams travel as required and have successfully completed mechanical and manual demolition in all states.

Our services include:

  • Unrestricted Demolition in Qld, S.A, W.A, Tas, Vic and the A.C.T. Over 15m in N.S.W
  • Manual deconstruction for projects of a sensitive or spatially challenged nature
  • Internal demolition, tenancy return to base build and structural modifications
  • House demolition Brisbane
  • Demolition of fire damaged structures that contain asbestos contamination
  • Heritage building pre-renovation works
  • Tower crane demolition
  • Removal and management of hazardous materials including asbestos, SMF, lead and PCB’s.
  • Decommissioning and removal of medical equipment from active facilities

Whether removing a heritage balustrade or a linear accelerator the exact same attention to detail is applied.

Advanced Deconstruction creates customised solutions for clients requiring extreme high risk or high-level sensitivity to be managed, and regularly seeks to improve upon industry standards to maximise results. This goal is achieved through consultation, not just with the client, but with the stakeholders on the ground which eliminates surprise and creates a solution that is not just good in theory.

Please contact us for assistance in reaching your desired outcomes.

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