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We engaged another asbestos company to complete a very difficult job at our home. On the day of the works, they walked off site because it was too hard.

I called Advanced Deconstruction and they arrived the very next morning, did up a quote and returned to do the job. I am so glad that first company didn't do the work, from the first contact with Advanced Deconstruction, to the very last day of the job, we were blown away by their professionalism, extraordinary hard work, customer service and expertise.

This was not a fun job by any means, but they made light of the hard work and the result is that people are now stopping in front of our home to take photos because it looks amazing.

Do not bother engaging any other company, Justin and his team are the best, our home was even left in a much cleaner state than before they even arrived.

The price quoted was absolutely reasonable and it never changed despite how hard the job was. I cannot recommend this team highly enough, I would simply suggest you don't bother going anywhere else.

Sarah Cassidy