Our Services

A professional approach from qualified experts

Advanced Deconstruction offers a wide variety of services that are tailored to meet our client’s needs. We hold an A Class Asbestos Business Certificate and Demolition Certificate. We are also licensed with the EPA to transport asbestos waste.

All of our services are offered to industrial, commercial and domestic (private/residential) markets.

Services we offer:

Asbestos Management & Removal

Advanced Deconstruction sets the standard for quality asbestos removal. Whether it is domestic, commercial, or industrial we go that step further to mitigate risk while remaining efficient and discreet.


Advanced Deconstruction holds an unrestricted demolition licence. We specialise in demolition and decommissioning projects in sensitive environments or where hazardous materials need to be managed in addition to the risks associated with typical demolition work.

Hazardous Substance Decontamination

Advanced Deconstruction are experts in dangerous materials removal and are certified, fully trained professionals in hazardous chemical handling having extensive experience in the area.

Land Remediation, Soil Testing & Validation

Our technical remediation experts have extensive experience across a wide range of industries, bringing diverse methodologies and principles to communicating risks and optimising toxicology systems.

Pre-Purchase Audits

Over 1 million homes and businesses have been built utilising asbestos containing materials and the high risk of encountering other common hazardous materials. Before buying, renovating or developing, arm yourself with more than a standard Building and Pest Inspection.