Identifying Asbestos

Types and examples of asbestos-containing materials

Asbestos in Building Materials

  • Ceiling Tiles and Lay-in Panels Chalkboards
  • Spray-Applied Insulation Roofing Shingles
  • Blown-in Insulation Roofing Felt
  • Fireproofing Materials Base Flashing
  • aping Compounds (thermal) Thermal Paper Products
  • Packing Materials (for wall/floor penetrations)
  • Fire Doors
  • High Temperature Gaskets Caulking/Putties
  • Laboratory Hoods/Table Tops Adhesives
  • Laboratory Gloves Wallboard
  • Fire Blankets Joint Compounds
  • Fire Curtains Vinyl Wall Coverings
  • Elevator Equipment Panels Spackling Compounds
  • Cement Pipes Elevator Brake Shoes
  • Cement Wallboard HVAC Duct Insulation
  • Cement Siding Boiler Insulation
  • Asphalt Floor Tile Breaching Insulation
  • Vinyl Floor Tile Ductwork Flexible Fabric Connections
  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring Cooling Towers
  • Flooring Backing Pipe Insulation
  • Construction Mastics (floor tile, carpet, ceiling tile, etc.)
  • Heating and Electrical Ducts
  • Acoustical Plaster Electrical Panel Partitions
  • Decorative Plaster Electrical Cloth
  • Textured Paints/Coatings Electric Wiring Insulation

Friable Asbestos

  • Asbestos-rope door gaskets in wood stoves
  • Loose fill roofing insulation (not common)
  • Spray-on insulation or soundproofing
  • Low-density asbestos fibre board
  • Insulation on hot-water pipes, domestic heaters and stoves (e.g. lagging)
  • Backing material on floor tiles and vinyl flooring
  • Carpet underlay (not common)
  • Textured paints, decorative ceiling coatings
  • Heat-resistant fabrics
  • Brick and plaster sealants, fillers and some adhesive products
  • Hail or fire damaged, or badly weathered asbestos cement materials.

Additional resources

Further information and resources on asbestos, are available on the Queensland Government’s website at